Reliant Scimitar Classic Car Restoration

1983 Reliant Scimitar GTC

This car is being restored from the chassis upwards. The car is in original condition with the Ford Cologne V6 engine and 4 speed manual box with overdrive.

Significant rust has been discovered along the outriggers and the decision was made to rebuild the car using another restored chassis from a SE6B. These chassis are identical and this replacement is now ready to receive the body. The photograph shows the donor chassis before being shot-blasted.


 Details of the car

The car is a 1983 Reliant Scimitar SE8  V6 Ford Cologne Petrol Engine. Four speed gearbox with overdrive in 3rd and 4th. Stainless steel exhaust and 90ltr.fuel tank.This model did not have electric windows.

Bought from Whitehaven by the current owner on 16th August 1996


Project to include the following upgrades:

  • Upgrade to headlights
  • LPG conversion
  • Thorough service of the engine
  • New carpets
  • Electric Windows
  • Re-conditioned hood an hardtop
  • Change to 15″ wheels

Project is due for completion mid 2016.

The Scimitar Owners Club GTC Register car number 361 (originally automatic)

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