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Ford Fiesta Mk1 XR2 Full Restoration

So recently delivered was this shell of a Mk1 For Fiesta from a friend of mine Shotgun Bri! Its a project which has had some attention over the years he has had it but due to house projects and general life it’s not had the progress he was hoping for and as these are starting to really increase in value he decided to ask us to do some of the more major tasks that will allow him to get it back underway!

When it arrived (sideways on a box trailer I might add) I was pleasantly surprised.. The shell looked in good order and had obviously been stored well in a dry situation and well covered in red oxide primer to stop the rot getting at it. We got it off and lifted it onto the ramp where I was taken round the car to see the various issues I was required to fix. The main task was to get the front end built. Thankfully it hadn’t been completely chopped out willy nilly, Brian had left 3 sides of the square for me using the better of the two former inner wings (Passenger side), the bulkhead (obviously still attached to the car) and the under engine brace which bolts back and front was keeping the lower front beam straight.

Inside there were also holes to patch from the previous owners roll cage that had been bolted in…. I do hope there were plates under the body skin but I doubt it from the locations. It might have been more dangerous than if it hadn’t been there. The drivers footwell was also a bit tatty having been cut and repaired and rotten on one side. Thankfully I was given repair panels galore and planned accordingly.

Aside from this, a few patches to be done it’s a great little shell for an old Ford!

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